Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

...And not quite out of it yet.

When everything went wrong so fast.

Leaving the cave, the party attempted to find a place to rest. However, Avery noticed that someone was recently where the party currently was, and was heading back towards town. Avery turned into an eagle in attempt to catch up to the person. She followed him all the way into the mayors building and then followed a person to the southwest of town into a small, nice looking house surrounded by slum-like house. Meanwhile, Lucius entered the city, and went towards the Mayor’s building. Unable to do anything, he waited for the rest of the party to arrive, which they did soon after.

Deciding to distract the guards so that Lucius can enter the building, Leah screamed at the top of the lung about a mysterious guy. Lucius attempted to get into the building by breaking the window with a mace. However, that got the attention of the guards, who rushed in to attack Lucius. Lucius casted Fireball when the guard surrounded him. He managed to kill some soldiers, but then proceeded to gravely injure himself and was captured.

The party decided to follow Lucius and his captors. Despite Leah’s best attempts to gather information she was unsuccessful with Navani. Gareth watched them both, before slipping away to conduct his own business. Avery then turned into a snake and gained entry into the mysterious building. There, she managed to find a secret passageway, but was discovered in a bucket and was released. With her newfound knowledge, Avery got the attention of Leah and Navani in snake form and motioned that they should enter the building. At the attempt to enter, a monk questioned Leah about why she was interested in entering. Leah stated she wished to help the church.

Stuff happens, then a fight happens. (*To be updated *)


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