Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

Humans and Elves in the Temple of Madness

Shortly after the party untied Lucius, someone else fell down the hole. The person revealed themselves to be Navani, who followed the party, and heard their cries in the hole and decided to go down and aid them. The party got together and once again heard a young woman’s wailing. They came to the same living quarters to investigate, and there Lucius detected heavy magical presense in the area. The party came upon a boar with a tail-arm and magical assasin vines. Through a difficult battle full of grapples and entanglement, the party won, with Leah finding some new found strength to survive. After the fight, the party climbed a wall, down another hole, and came upon a room with a hallway and rubble. Gareth, forgetting to realize that he can disarm traps, sets of a boulder that hits most of the party. Recovering, the party came upon door i which Leah pokes through, poking a Emperor Kobra, angering it. The party managed to defeat it, with Lucius exacting snake venom from it. Finding nothing furthermore besides of the skeleton of a cat, the party left and made camp.

Leaving the party encountered fire mages in the jungle and REACHED MEA INU, (will update more later).


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