Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign


Or How the Heroes One-Shot nearly every enemy

Reminder: Got Black Lotus card to give to mayor

After setting sail and Vasch taking the helm, Avery healed the party back to full health. With room to breath, the mysterious women asked Gareth to confirm who he is. He did, and was given a letter by the woman. Upon reading the letter, Gareth said that the women can be trusted. Avery had doubts, but Gareth assuaged his fears. The woman introduced herself as Leah, and the man as Basil. Gareth went to take a nap. Meanwhile, after sailing for a while, Vasch stated that the can’t sail because there is no more wind. Basil took the first watch, and Leah decided to sleep on the deck. During the time, Lucy and Avery found a chest and looted it. Then they went to sleep.

Night falls, and silence descends upon the ship. Suddenly, Lucy is woken up by a noise on deck. He goes out into the dark, lights his lamp, waking Leah. He checks the source of the noise along with Leah, and sees a mysterious creature. Upon this, he blew his whistle, waking up Gareth and Avery and Vasch. Leah and Avery tried talking to the Kelpy, who commanded an attack. Suddenly, a brikolagas and three brine zombies boarded the deck and attacked. The party fought and won, while Avery managed to pull Basil from the water. However, attempts to resuscitate Basil failed, and he remained unconscious. The party then decided to sail forward. Along the ride, Avery spotted a dragon in the far off distance being attacked by a sea monster. Vasch, Gareth, and Leah argued vehemently to avoid the creature, but in the end, Lucius persuaded Vasch to get closer to the creatures with gold. The party got close to about 100 feet. The party then argued further on whether or not they should help the creature, until Lucius decided to attack the identified turtle-shark with Glitterdust. Enraged, the monster chased the dragon to the boat. The monster attacked the dragon, but it safely landed on board. As the party attempted to aim the cannon, the turtle-shark slammed into the boat, knocking a majority of the party prone. THROUGH MIRACLES, Vasch managed to overload the gunpowder, and the resulting cannonball decimated the monster.

The dragon thanked the party, and will never forget what they did for them. While all this happened, the storm came closer. The ship began to get tossed around and everyone went below deck. Then Lucy realized that everyone should take the sails down, so that the ship doesn’t get tossed around. Everyone besides Gareth went up. Vasch and Lucy tried to get the sails down. Leah and Avery went to help, and the sails went down….but then the storm hit. The waves hit the boat. EVeryone stayed on, but people were getting tossed and injured, with people trying to get down. However, Vasch was knocked off the ship. Avery attempted to turn into a shark, but before that, a rope was tired around Avery then she turned into a shark. She managed to reach Vasch, who grabbed onto Avery. They were both pulled in by Lucy and Leah and Vasch was tossed onboard. Everyone huddled together. Suddenly, a big waved hit, and the resulting momentum knocked everyone unconscious……


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