Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

Campaign 10/28/2013

It was all just a dream! OoOoOoOoOoh!

The party awoke at camp and agreed to Lucius. Headed towards an Oasis in the distance and found a town. The townsfolk were all dead tired and lethargic. The party enquired what was wrong and found the town was beset by terrible nightmares affording them no restful sleep. The party then galavanted around for a bit. Much sexing and imbibing was had. The party then met the town’s headman and he paid them, upfront, to find the source of the nightmare’s and end it. The party set out from the town and then bedded down for the night. Upon waking, they find the ruins of an ancient and deserted castle before them. They enter and are attacked by fiendspawn. Upon defeating the fiendspawn, they realize they are in a dream and wakeup back in the real world to the headman shouting “Begone, witch!” There the party confronts the witch. The party fights and defeats her, fulfilling the headman’s quest. The party then approached the headman.


Razputin412 msr0

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