Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

Campaign 11/15/2013

Fucking GM bullshit.

The party approaches a burned out village. A voice shouts out a warning and six enemies appear. A fight ensues and the party emerges victorious except for one man who escaped to the northwest. Kvet and Garreth hear a muffled cry from a building and go to investigate. There they find a man buried in the ashes and rubble. He lies about his purpose. The man runs but the party chases him down, attempts to reason with him, but he attacks Garreth. Kvet slays him in the response.

The party begins to pursue the escaped soldier and heads them towards the northwest. In pursuit of the soldier, the party follows him towards a city on the horizon. Close to the city, they encounter Vash*, the whisper gnome, running from four earth elementals. The party defeats the elementals and rescues Vash. Vash then lets the party in on a secret that he knows a secret way into the city and can steal a boat with the party’s help. Everyone agrees to help and heads towards the city.

*Alternate time line Vash is unaware of the previously met Vash. Multiple Vashs are a result of the changing planes.


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