Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

Don't shake more than twice.

As the party traveled on in the direction of the capital, they fell down a chasm, and landed in a pool. Groggy, the party, left the pool and venture out into the unknown. Charging ahead down a hall, Lucy came into a room, but set off a trap. A stone head shot constant fire and hampered the party’s process, but Gareth managed to disarm the trap. Recovering, the party heard a woman’s cry, and at that sound Gareth rushed up stairs to investigate with Lucius trailing behind. The two came upon a room with a stone tablet in the center of the room. Lucius took the tablet, and upon his fiddling, suddenly became belligerent and decided to run out of the room. The party chased him to some dark living quarters when they were suddenly attacked by faceless stalkers. Because Lucius was the only torchbearer, he extinguished the torch, causing the party to fight in darkness. However, Avery had the idea to use FLAMING SPHERE and light up the room. The party managed to see the stalkers and defeated them. However, Lucius was still belligerent, and so the party decided to subdue him. He managed to reach the pool room, and as an invisible entity with an invisilibilty spell, was difficult to catch. However, Avery managed to CRIT him, subduing him. The party took the tablet away, and Lucy woke up confused.


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