Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

Farewell, and Infiltration

As the party heads toward Summeredge, they were met by the man who escaped the burn city. He brought along 5 other men, along with an old man clad in full plate armor, who was going to let the humans go, and the elves die. However, K’Vet rushed at the man, and used a dark blade to hold him hostage. “Go”, K’Vet said. Despite the party’s protest, K’Vet was adamant…the party soon withdrew.

The party soon reached the city, after traveling silently. The desired boat sat on the shore, silently gleaming. With the city closely guarded, the party was told by Vash of a sewer grate that is a possible entry way. The party found the grate guarded by a village guard, but Gareth managed to fumble his way into tricking the villager into leaving momentariy, which allowed the party to enter the sewers. After Vash got the party lost for a while, the party managed to find a grating leading to the outside world. It took the ENTIRE group to get the grate open, with Lucy finally using his clever mind to make the job easier.


Razputin412 minho

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