Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

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Everyone wakes up in room in a bed, save by (Lihuu) in Honale. Everyone woke up and bought items. Navahnee is a hot subject heard of in the time, a woman who is the town’s protector .After a shopping spree, the party went to a tavern to relax. Treating everyone to drinks, the party relaxed in the bar, until they heard a commotion outside. GOing outside, the entire party encounted a half-orc, attempting to rally the city to join the fire nation cause and rebel against Mea Inu. The townspeople did not decide to join, and at this point, the half-orc decided to attack. Fire mages appeared from around and started to slaughter the townspeople. The party fought, but it was a bitter fight. Leah was knocked out by a fireball from the main mage, and Gareth (after attempting to steal a sword from the magic shop) was taken down in two hits after attempting to reach the main villain. During the process, Navani (who is the town’s guardian) came from the beach to aid the party. The party managed to win. The villain’s dying last breath was telling the party that it will soon be over.

Note: The symbol found resembles the one the inquisitor bears.


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