Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

Into the fire....

And now our clothes smell like charcoal

Leaving the castle, the party traveled through the jungle towards the volcano. As they approached, the jungle clears away and an opening into the volcano was found. The party entered the cave, and walked through a dark tunnel. As they walked, they noticed dim light ahead. Gareth quickly made his way ahead to scout out the room, but unfortunately was heard from the room’s occupants. The party encountered two melee and 2 spellcasters, which they quickly dispatched of. In the room, Gareth found paper that seems to indicate a summoning, but no one in the party was able to decipher the writing. Moving on, Gareth again spotted another room with an elemental and two more mages, but Lucius alerted the group to the party’s location. The group then hastily fought the enemy and dispatched them. Moving on with an invisible Lucius in the lead, the party encountered two monks in a room with a crudely drawn circle in the middle. Hearing Lucius’ footsteps, the monks attacked the party, but they were quickly dispatched of just as the rest. While the party did their usual looting, Gareth moved on ahead….

Gareth soon reached a large cavern, which a cliff that overlooked magma below in. Chained against the wall was a magma dragon who just stared at Gareth. Cautiously, Gareth motioned the party to stop, but Lucius moved on ahead, with the party following. Gareth then decided to to just keep a lookout at the back of the cave while the party attempted to speak to the dragon. Avery and Lucius attempted the dragonic tongue, but to no avail. Suddenly, Navani and Gareth were blown from the tunnel into the cavern. 4 magi revealed themselves, with one blocking the door with a switch. The magi stated that they knew the party was coming and prepared to offer them as a sacrifice. The mage who unlocked the door released the dragon at the party. However, upon release, the dragon immediately attacked all 4 mages and annihilated them in an instant. Facing the party, the dragon expressed its distrust in them, and proceeded to attack. After a short battle, the dragon roared and stated “ENOUGH!”. Seeing as the party was not comprised of the cowardly mages, the dragon agreed to let them go in peace so long as they promised that no one else shall be sent to the location. The party (most of them) agreed so, and so the magma dragon dove right back into the volcano, allowing the party to retreat back into the cave. Xanthias.


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