Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

Sail Ho!

Shit happens

The party managed to clean themselves off and head down the main street. While walking down the street, a guard noticed the wolf and questioned the party, which at this point Lucius faded away to an ally. The guard slowly realized who the party is, and before he is able to alert everyone else, Lucius threw a thunderstone to get the guards attention. However, he got himself trapped, and in order to get out, threw alchemist fire at himself and the guards. A fire erupted in the allyway, with Lucius burning himself in order to disguise himself as a hurt civilian. Unperturbed by the pain, he busted into the next house and tried to douse himself with holy water, but only made the fire worse on himself and the house. With no other option, Lucius (cool as a cucumber) decided to cut off his own ears to look less elf-like. At this point, he busted through into a second house, and decided to intimidate the person inside. At this point, he cleaned himself, got new clothes, (and stole stuff), tied up the guards, and busted out.

WHILE ALL THIS IS HAPPENING, and the party was about to hide, a mysterious women named Lily came out when the crowd was dispersing, saw Hina and FIlge, and confronted them. It turns out as Gareth can gleam from the conversation that Lily is HIna’s mother, who was accused of cheating on Filge. While Lily was trying to make amends, Filge wouldn’t have any of it and attempted to hide and leave, while the rest of the party was hiding. While the party was trying to escape into the hallway, Lucius attempt to leave the house, but then was detained by two guards. Realizing the necessity of the wizard, Gareth and Vasch (convinced) went to perform coup de grace. With no hindrance, the party left towards the boat.

Arriving at the boat, they found 9 men guarding the boat. After defeating the boss, the rest of the alive troops scatter. As the party was boarding the boat, Lily stopped Filge, saying she won’t let him take Hina aboard since it’s dangerous. Filge decided to separate from the rest of the party and take HIna to a safe place. Gareth and K’vet wished them both farewell, while Lucius dragged one of the dead guard’s body on board. The Inquisitor appeared, and glared at the party with utter anger, as they sailed away…….


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