Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

Campaign 09/27/2013

Arrive in small dingy room. Wait around and eye each other. Short woman in lacquered black armor enters and addresses us.

Lady Raziel Faltin is organizing empire celebration. Commissioned a bust of the king, but no sculptor in Eastwall with the skills. Take letter to elvish sculptor and return with his seal.

Elvish sculptor hired goblins to guard his home. Everyone agrees to go on the adventure.

Kvet picks several Telmurias and stashes them away. The party is attacked by giant bee, but Filge sliced it in half.

Thee party arrives at a clearing and is attacked by three goblins as soon as Filge announces himself. The party wins and continues into the cave.

In the cave, two human-sized spiders drop from the cave’s roof and attack. The party wins and delivers the note to the elf, Gustav.

They then return to Raziel and deliver the note. Raziel invites the party to watch the parade. Come parade day, the king is killed by Gustav. Raziel takes the kingship and issues a death warrant for the party. The party escapes with a whisper gnome named Vash to a boat beneath the island to take them away.

On the boat, the party decides to head to Mea Inu.


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