Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

Campaign 09/27/2013

Arrive in small dingy room. Wait around and eye each other. Short woman in lacquered black armor enters and addresses us.

Lady Raziel Faltin is organizing empire celebration. Commissioned a bust of the king, but no sculptor in Eastwall with the skills. Take letter to elvish sculptor and return with his seal.

Elvish sculptor hired goblins to guard his home. Everyone agrees to go on the adventure.

Kvet picks several Telmurias and stashes them away. The party is attacked by giant bee, but Filge sliced it in half.

Thee party arrives at a clearing and is attacked by three goblins as soon as Filge announces himself. The party wins and continues into the cave.

In the cave, two human-sized spiders drop from the cave’s roof and attack. The party wins and delivers the note to the elf, Gustav.

They then return to Raziel and deliver the note. Raziel invites the party to watch the parade. Come parade day, the king is killed by Gustav. Raziel takes the kingship and issues a death warrant for the party. The party escapes with a whisper gnome named Vash to a boat beneath the island to take them away.

On the boat, the party decides to head to Mea Inu.

Campaign 10/10/2013
It's that time of the month.

Boat Vash Falath gave party springs a leak after Filge rows for roughly a day. Filge and Kvet do an admirable job of rowing to shore, but Avery and Gareth are absolutely rubbish at bailing water out of the sinking boat. Party makes it to shore, has discussion of how to proceed, Gareth mentions that he is familiar with fairly close village in Segalor desert called Tabuk. Party heads into desert to that village.

After a few hours of marching, party decides to make camp in desert. Two tents created: one with Filge and daughter, another with the other three party members. Filge takes first watch, nothing happens. Kvet takes second watch, and during that time, a figure starts approaching party. The figure is an Elven sorcerer with no name. He is naked except for a ring and covered in his own blood. As he approaches, Kvet wakes the rest of the party and waits. The Elf keeps approaching, drawn towards the fire that the party had created (shit gets cold in the desert, ok?). When he is 30 feet away, Kvet tries to blind him with flare but fails. The elf then responds by trying to drench Kvet with his own blood; the blood misses and hits one of the tents. Filge then approaches and punches the elf in the head. He then snaps out of his trance and passes out. The party takes his ring and drags him back to one of the tents.

Campaign 10/28/2013
It was all just a dream! OoOoOoOoOoh!

The party awoke at camp and agreed to Lucius. Headed towards an Oasis in the distance and found a town. The townsfolk were all dead tired and lethargic. The party enquired what was wrong and found the town was beset by terrible nightmares affording them no restful sleep. The party then galavanted around for a bit. Much sexing and imbibing was had. The party then met the town’s headman and he paid them, upfront, to find the source of the nightmare’s and end it. The party set out from the town and then bedded down for the night. Upon waking, they find the ruins of an ancient and deserted castle before them. They enter and are attacked by fiendspawn. Upon defeating the fiendspawn, they realize they are in a dream and wakeup back in the real world to the headman shouting “Begone, witch!” There the party confronts the witch. The party fights and defeats her, fulfilling the headman’s quest. The party then approached the headman.

Campaign 11/15/2013
Fucking GM bullshit.

The party approaches a burned out village. A voice shouts out a warning and six enemies appear. A fight ensues and the party emerges victorious except for one man who escaped to the northwest. Kvet and Garreth hear a muffled cry from a building and go to investigate. There they find a man buried in the ashes and rubble. He lies about his purpose. The man runs but the party chases him down, attempts to reason with him, but he attacks Garreth. Kvet slays him in the response.

The party begins to pursue the escaped soldier and heads them towards the northwest. In pursuit of the soldier, the party follows him towards a city on the horizon. Close to the city, they encounter Vash*, the whisper gnome, running from four earth elementals. The party defeats the elementals and rescues Vash. Vash then lets the party in on a secret that he knows a secret way into the city and can steal a boat with the party’s help. Everyone agrees to help and heads towards the city.

*Alternate time line Vash is unaware of the previously met Vash. Multiple Vashs are a result of the changing planes.

Farewell, and Infiltration

As the party heads toward Summeredge, they were met by the man who escaped the burn city. He brought along 5 other men, along with an old man clad in full plate armor, who was going to let the humans go, and the elves die. However, K’Vet rushed at the man, and used a dark blade to hold him hostage. “Go”, K’Vet said. Despite the party’s protest, K’Vet was adamant…the party soon withdrew.

The party soon reached the city, after traveling silently. The desired boat sat on the shore, silently gleaming. With the city closely guarded, the party was told by Vash of a sewer grate that is a possible entry way. The party found the grate guarded by a village guard, but Gareth managed to fumble his way into tricking the villager into leaving momentariy, which allowed the party to enter the sewers. After Vash got the party lost for a while, the party managed to find a grating leading to the outside world. It took the ENTIRE group to get the grate open, with Lucy finally using his clever mind to make the job easier.

Sail Ho!
Shit happens

The party managed to clean themselves off and head down the main street. While walking down the street, a guard noticed the wolf and questioned the party, which at this point Lucius faded away to an ally. The guard slowly realized who the party is, and before he is able to alert everyone else, Lucius threw a thunderstone to get the guards attention. However, he got himself trapped, and in order to get out, threw alchemist fire at himself and the guards. A fire erupted in the allyway, with Lucius burning himself in order to disguise himself as a hurt civilian. Unperturbed by the pain, he busted into the next house and tried to douse himself with holy water, but only made the fire worse on himself and the house. With no other option, Lucius (cool as a cucumber) decided to cut off his own ears to look less elf-like. At this point, he busted through into a second house, and decided to intimidate the person inside. At this point, he cleaned himself, got new clothes, (and stole stuff), tied up the guards, and busted out.

WHILE ALL THIS IS HAPPENING, and the party was about to hide, a mysterious women named Lily came out when the crowd was dispersing, saw Hina and FIlge, and confronted them. It turns out as Gareth can gleam from the conversation that Lily is HIna’s mother, who was accused of cheating on Filge. While Lily was trying to make amends, Filge wouldn’t have any of it and attempted to hide and leave, while the rest of the party was hiding. While the party was trying to escape into the hallway, Lucius attempt to leave the house, but then was detained by two guards. Realizing the necessity of the wizard, Gareth and Vasch (convinced) went to perform coup de grace. With no hindrance, the party left towards the boat.

Arriving at the boat, they found 9 men guarding the boat. After defeating the boss, the rest of the alive troops scatter. As the party was boarding the boat, Lily stopped Filge, saying she won’t let him take Hina aboard since it’s dangerous. Filge decided to separate from the rest of the party and take HIna to a safe place. Gareth and K’vet wished them both farewell, while Lucius dragged one of the dead guard’s body on board. The Inquisitor appeared, and glared at the party with utter anger, as they sailed away…….

Or How the Heroes One-Shot nearly every enemy

Reminder: Got Black Lotus card to give to mayor

After setting sail and Vasch taking the helm, Avery healed the party back to full health. With room to breath, the mysterious women asked Gareth to confirm who he is. He did, and was given a letter by the woman. Upon reading the letter, Gareth said that the women can be trusted. Avery had doubts, but Gareth assuaged his fears. The woman introduced herself as Leah, and the man as Basil. Gareth went to take a nap. Meanwhile, after sailing for a while, Vasch stated that the can’t sail because there is no more wind. Basil took the first watch, and Leah decided to sleep on the deck. During the time, Lucy and Avery found a chest and looted it. Then they went to sleep.

Night falls, and silence descends upon the ship. Suddenly, Lucy is woken up by a noise on deck. He goes out into the dark, lights his lamp, waking Leah. He checks the source of the noise along with Leah, and sees a mysterious creature. Upon this, he blew his whistle, waking up Gareth and Avery and Vasch. Leah and Avery tried talking to the Kelpy, who commanded an attack. Suddenly, a brikolagas and three brine zombies boarded the deck and attacked. The party fought and won, while Avery managed to pull Basil from the water. However, attempts to resuscitate Basil failed, and he remained unconscious. The party then decided to sail forward. Along the ride, Avery spotted a dragon in the far off distance being attacked by a sea monster. Vasch, Gareth, and Leah argued vehemently to avoid the creature, but in the end, Lucius persuaded Vasch to get closer to the creatures with gold. The party got close to about 100 feet. The party then argued further on whether or not they should help the creature, until Lucius decided to attack the identified turtle-shark with Glitterdust. Enraged, the monster chased the dragon to the boat. The monster attacked the dragon, but it safely landed on board. As the party attempted to aim the cannon, the turtle-shark slammed into the boat, knocking a majority of the party prone. THROUGH MIRACLES, Vasch managed to overload the gunpowder, and the resulting cannonball decimated the monster.

The dragon thanked the party, and will never forget what they did for them. While all this happened, the storm came closer. The ship began to get tossed around and everyone went below deck. Then Lucy realized that everyone should take the sails down, so that the ship doesn’t get tossed around. Everyone besides Gareth went up. Vasch and Lucy tried to get the sails down. Leah and Avery went to help, and the sails went down….but then the storm hit. The waves hit the boat. EVeryone stayed on, but people were getting tossed and injured, with people trying to get down. However, Vasch was knocked off the ship. Avery attempted to turn into a shark, but before that, a rope was tired around Avery then she turned into a shark. She managed to reach Vasch, who grabbed onto Avery. They were both pulled in by Lucy and Leah and Vasch was tossed onboard. Everyone huddled together. Suddenly, a big waved hit, and the resulting momentum knocked everyone unconscious……

Insert Title Here
Insert Subtitle Here

Everyone wakes up in room in a bed, save by (Lihuu) in Honale. Everyone woke up and bought items. Navahnee is a hot subject heard of in the time, a woman who is the town’s protector .After a shopping spree, the party went to a tavern to relax. Treating everyone to drinks, the party relaxed in the bar, until they heard a commotion outside. GOing outside, the entire party encounted a half-orc, attempting to rally the city to join the fire nation cause and rebel against Mea Inu. The townspeople did not decide to join, and at this point, the half-orc decided to attack. Fire mages appeared from around and started to slaughter the townspeople. The party fought, but it was a bitter fight. Leah was knocked out by a fireball from the main mage, and Gareth (after attempting to steal a sword from the magic shop) was taken down in two hits after attempting to reach the main villain. During the process, Navani (who is the town’s guardian) came from the beach to aid the party. The party managed to win. The villain’s dying last breath was telling the party that it will soon be over.

Note: The symbol found resembles the one the inquisitor bears.

Don't shake more than twice.

As the party traveled on in the direction of the capital, they fell down a chasm, and landed in a pool. Groggy, the party, left the pool and venture out into the unknown. Charging ahead down a hall, Lucy came into a room, but set off a trap. A stone head shot constant fire and hampered the party’s process, but Gareth managed to disarm the trap. Recovering, the party heard a woman’s cry, and at that sound Gareth rushed up stairs to investigate with Lucius trailing behind. The two came upon a room with a stone tablet in the center of the room. Lucius took the tablet, and upon his fiddling, suddenly became belligerent and decided to run out of the room. The party chased him to some dark living quarters when they were suddenly attacked by faceless stalkers. Because Lucius was the only torchbearer, he extinguished the torch, causing the party to fight in darkness. However, Avery had the idea to use FLAMING SPHERE and light up the room. The party managed to see the stalkers and defeated them. However, Lucius was still belligerent, and so the party decided to subdue him. He managed to reach the pool room, and as an invisible entity with an invisilibilty spell, was difficult to catch. However, Avery managed to CRIT him, subduing him. The party took the tablet away, and Lucy woke up confused.

Humans and Elves in the Temple of Madness

Shortly after the party untied Lucius, someone else fell down the hole. The person revealed themselves to be Navani, who followed the party, and heard their cries in the hole and decided to go down and aid them. The party got together and once again heard a young woman’s wailing. They came to the same living quarters to investigate, and there Lucius detected heavy magical presense in the area. The party came upon a boar with a tail-arm and magical assasin vines. Through a difficult battle full of grapples and entanglement, the party won, with Leah finding some new found strength to survive. After the fight, the party climbed a wall, down another hole, and came upon a room with a hallway and rubble. Gareth, forgetting to realize that he can disarm traps, sets of a boulder that hits most of the party. Recovering, the party came upon door i which Leah pokes through, poking a Emperor Kobra, angering it. The party managed to defeat it, with Lucius exacting snake venom from it. Finding nothing furthermore besides of the skeleton of a cat, the party left and made camp.

Leaving the party encountered fire mages in the jungle and REACHED MEA INU, (will update more later).


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