Haverford 2013-2014 Graham campaign

Campaign 10/10/2013

It's that time of the month.

Boat Vash Falath gave party springs a leak after Filge rows for roughly a day. Filge and Kvet do an admirable job of rowing to shore, but Avery and Gareth are absolutely rubbish at bailing water out of the sinking boat. Party makes it to shore, has discussion of how to proceed, Gareth mentions that he is familiar with fairly close village in Segalor desert called Tabuk. Party heads into desert to that village.

After a few hours of marching, party decides to make camp in desert. Two tents created: one with Filge and daughter, another with the other three party members. Filge takes first watch, nothing happens. Kvet takes second watch, and during that time, a figure starts approaching party. The figure is an Elven sorcerer with no name. He is naked except for a ring and covered in his own blood. As he approaches, Kvet wakes the rest of the party and waits. The Elf keeps approaching, drawn towards the fire that the party had created (shit gets cold in the desert, ok?). When he is 30 feet away, Kvet tries to blind him with flare but fails. The elf then responds by trying to drench Kvet with his own blood; the blood misses and hits one of the tents. Filge then approaches and punches the elf in the head. He then snaps out of his trance and passes out. The party takes his ring and drags him back to one of the tents.


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